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Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineers design, develop and test aircraft, spacecraft and missiles and supervise the manufacture of these products. Aerospace engineers also use aerospace technology in remote sensing and product-oriented fields, including wind energy and automotive industries.

Degrees offered:

Architectural engineering focuses on building systems, which include structural systems such as the design of the building exterior; design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning; lighting and electrical systems design; and construction methods applied to buildings. These engineers center their attention on the safety, cost and construction methods of these structural systems.

Degrees offered:

Undergraduate students can pursue a bioengineering-related concentration in several bachelor of science degree programs in the School of Engineering. Graduate students will find the program is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative. Many students work closely with faculty at the KU School of Medicine. Students pursue one of six tracks:

  • Bioimaging
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • Biomechanics and Neural Engineering
  • Biomedical Product Design and Development
  • Biomolecular Engineering

They can also pursue an M.D./Ph.D. option.

Degrees offered:

Chemical engineers are concerned with the chemical processes that turn raw materials into valuable products. They design processes where materials undergo a chemical or physical change. Chemical engineers build a bridge between science and manufacturing, applying the principles of chemistry, physics, math, biology and engineering to solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals. Students pursuing a bachelor of science can choose from a variety of concentrations, including:

  • Biomedical
  • Environmental
  • Premedical, or
  • Petroleum.

Degrees offered:
Civl Engineering

Civil engineers plan, design, construct and oversee public and private infrastructure systems as well as maintain essential structures such as highways, bridges, buildings, dams and water and wastewater systems.

Degrees offered:
Computer Engineering

Computer engineering focuses on all aspects of computational devices and systems, including hardware and software.

Degrees offered:
Computer Science

Computer scientists work on the theory and practice of computing. Their work includes expert systems, networking, databases, business and personal software, artificial intelligence, web-based collaboration and more.

Degrees offered:
Construction Management

The construction management program is ideally suited for the working professional engineer who aspires to manage large projects.

Degrees offered:
Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers work with a broad range of electrical and electronic devices and systems. Their work is universal, found in mobile devices, hybrid vehicles, energy production and delivery, communication systems, biomedical applications, remote sensing, avionics, satellite systems and more.

Degrees offered:
Engineering Management

Engineering management is a specialized form of management that is required to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects. The successful engineering manager must have the skills necessary to coach, mentor and motivate technical professionals, which are often different skills from those needed to work with individuals in other fields. The program is offered at the KU Edwards Campus to address the needs of working professionals in the Kansas City metro.

Degrees offered:
Engineering Physics

Engineering physics graduates combine an extensive background in physics - the science that underlies much of modern technology - with an engineering mindset. Their broad training and technical breadth provide a unique flexibility for careers. Students specialize in one of four design concentrations:

  • Aerospace Systems
  • Chemical Systems
  • Digital Electronic Systems
  • Electromechanical Control Systems.

Degrees offered:
Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science

Environmental engineering and science address a variety of ecological issues through research and engineering. Air quality, solid and hazardous waste, water quality and wastewater treatment are among the fields studied

Degrees offered:

Concentrations available:

Environmental science address a variety of ecological issues through research and engineering. Air quality, solid and hazardous waste, water quality and wastewater treatment are among the fields studied

Degrees offered:
information technology

Information technology graduates use their background in math, science, programming, software development and information security to address the IT needs of users in an organization by identifying, creating, applying and integrating state-of-the-art computing technologies. Coursework for these degrees is offered through the KU Edwards Campus to better serve working professionals in the Kansas City metro.

Degrees offered:
Interdisciplinary Computing

Interdisciplinary computing harnesses the power of computing within the context of another discipline. Students specialize in one of six areas:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Journalism
  • Physics

Degrees offered:
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers use principles of mechanics and energy to develop, design, manufacture and test tools, machines, motors, engines and other mechanical devices. They also work in areas such as medicine and medical devices, patent law, energy, business, forensic engineering and engineering sales.

Degrees offered:

Petroleum engineers are involved in the exploration and production of oil or natural gas. Once these resources are discovered, petroleum engineers work to understand the geologic formation and properties of the rock containing the reservoir, determine the drilling methods to be used, and monitor drilling and production operations.

Degrees offered:
Project Management

Project managers are in charge of administering a project - a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives. Project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements and managing the triple constraint for projects: cost, time and scope. The program is offered on the KU Edwards Campus, to better serve the needs of working professionals in the Kansas City metro.

Degrees offered:


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